JPNSGRLS' Charlie Kerr Details Solo Debut as Matt and Sam's Brother

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 10, 2017

Having shared a video for "Spacesuit" with us last year, JPNSGRLS frontman Charlie Kerr has lifted the curtain on his debut as Matt and Sam's Brother. Titled My Brain Hurts a Lot, the record will be out through Light Organ Records this April.

A press release explains that the eight-track My Brain Hurts AaLot was built from a collection of songs Kerr had written that didn't fit with his band project's scrappy rock sound. Tracks on the record range from having been written recently, stretching back to when Kerr was only 16.

"I've grown up from the person who wrote those words, but I can still 100 percent connect to them," Kerr explained in a statement. "I showed the songs to a friend of mine and she said, 'This is like reading your diary.' It's a personal set of songs."

The unflinchingly autobiographical tone of Matt and Sam's Brother's music is mirrored by the familial band name, which undercuts the egotism inherent in a solo project.

A press release describes the finished recorded product as "full-bodied, guitar-driven rock music that's unconfined by traditional notions of genre, and is equally suited to a raucous party or solitary headphone listening."

You can watch a newly revealed live video for "Spacesuit" below the album's tracklist, as well as the original clip.

My Brain Hurts a Lot:

1. Middle Man
2. If I Pulled A Gun
3. Spacesuit
4. Chloe
5. This Means Nothing
6. Trump You
7. Sunday's Best
8. Swiss Army Knife

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