Jordan Klassen Emerges as a Top-Tier Canadian Songwriter on 'Tell Me What to Do'

BY Francis BaptistePublished May 21, 2020

With Tell Me What to Do, Jordan Klassen emerges as a top-tier Canadian songwriter. These 12 songs weave quietly contemplative meditations on finding your place in the world. As the listener is swept into waltzing string arrangements, as on "Ministry of Doubt," Klassen expertly threads tales that remind us of the inescapable nature of loneliness and its essential role in the human experience.

Klassen's talent for poignant lyricism and effortless melodies is evident throughout the entire album. While much of the album relies on traditional piano sounds, strings, and acoustic guitars, occasionally things will get more modern, like on "Identivacation," an upbeat song that moves idiosyncratically along with synth sounds. Though most of the album is slow and contemplative, there are a few more upbeat tracks, such as "I Want To Move Into Your House," which stands as the album's catchiest.

With mature and meticulous songwriting, Tell Me What to Do is a triumph for Jordan Klassen.

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