Jordan Klassen Announces 'Tell Me What to Do' LP

Watch his "I Want to Move in to Your House" video
Jordan Klassen Announces 'Tell Me What to Do' LP
Vancouver songwriter Jordan Klassen recently nabbed a Prism Prize nomination with his video for recent single "Virtuous Circle." Now, he's announced his new album and shared another single. Tell Me What to Do will be out May 22.

A press release explains that the album was created amidst professional struggles and an identity crisis of sorts. The result is a diverse collection with sonic touchstones including Simon and Garfunkel and futuristic baroque music.

In a statement, Klassen explained:

For the first time since 2011 I made a record 100% independently, and I did it trying to remember why I started writing songs in the first place. I didn't want to look over my shoulder anymore. Tell Me What to Do is a bit of a paradox because on the one hand I'm begging for something outside of me to inform my identity. On the other hand I forged a path that feels more like me than any I have before.

The album includes prior singles "Virtuous Circle" and "Surprised / Not Surprised." Scroll past the tracklist below to see the melancholic new video for "I Want to Move in to Your House," a song that spices up its gentle folk rock with jaunty string orchestrations.

Tell Me What to Do:

1. Loss for Words

2. Ministry of Doubt

3. Arrive with You

4. Virtuous Circle

5. Surprised / Not Surprised

6. I Want to Move in to Your House

7. Tell Me What to Do
8. None of My Answers
9. Indentivacation
10. A Letter to Jesse Boy
11. St. Cecilia
12. Golden Ladder