Jeremy Gara

Longboat Hall, Toronto ON, September 29

Photo: Shane Parent

BY Tom BeedhamPublished Sep 30, 2016

The sounds Jeremy Gara debuted on his March-released solo album exist parallel to his work as a drummer in Canada's biggest rock export. Collected in a couple handfuls of tracks built entirely on synthesizers, the vibe is considerably darker and more introspective, and better fit for rooms like the Great Hall's basement theatre than the stadiums Arcade Fire packs.
At FORMS, Gara gave those underground impulses even further room to breathe, performing long-form, seamless pieces next to responsive oscilloscope projections that burst in three dimensions on a large screen.
Working from the mounting white noise and subtle undercurrent of melodic tone shifts that defined the music's offset, Gara spent his half-hour patiently developing the drones to a plane of dramatic tension, then — in an explosive climax — hit the detonator on a series of noisy square wave strikes.

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