Jeremy Dutcher Brings Feist's "Graveyard" Back to Life for Polaris Cover Sessions

It's the second track on Feist's indelible 2011 album 'Metals'

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Sep 6, 2023

If the lead-up to Jeremy Dutcher's sophomore album Motewolonuwok thus far has been any indication, we're in for something very special. From its precedent live performances to the album's long-awaited release and beyond, Feist's Multitudes has a similar air to it; some strange magic from beyond this earthly realm.

In honour of the latter record being short-listed for this year's Polaris Music Prize, Dutcher has recorded his own rendition of "Graveyard" — from Feist's beloved 2011 album, Metals — for SiriusXM's Polaris Cover Sessions, a series that has likewise recently included Fucked Up covering Eric's Trip.

Directed by Daniel Tal, the live performance video was recorded at Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music with an eight-person choir, featuring the likes of local vocal wizards Lydia Persaud and James Baley.

It's striking to note the immediate similarities between this song and Dutcher's first English-language single, "Ancestors Too Young," in the way they both rustle up the leaves of intergenerational trauma and beckon to their forebears. It's pretty powerful stuff.

Check out Dutcher's take on "Graveyard" below.

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