Jenny Whiteley Forgive or Forget

Juno award-winning singer-songwriter Jenny Whiteley is in a playful mood on her fourth album. Opening with a countrified cover of "Raining in My Heart," a song first popularized by Buddy Holly, Forgive or Forget goes on to pair Whiteley's mellow, buttery vocals with an abundance of sweet keyboard action. Organ, mellotron, Moog, Wurlitzer and synthesizer give the album a mischievous tone, lending tracks like "Day Without Words" a tasty piña colada and polyester leisure suit vibe. But Whiteley hasn't entirely forsaken the rootsy heartbreak she does so well. The organs take a darker turn on tracks like "Final Season" and "Truth and the Eyes of the Dead," creating a morose backdrop to lyrics that lament crumbling romances and lost love. No matter what mood she's in, Whiteley's melodies, beautifully produced by Vancouver's Steve Dawson, are subtly intoxicating. A line-up of stellar musicians provides support on this winning collection from a fine Canadian songwriter. (Black Hen)