Jenny Whiteley Dear

The follow-up to the Juno Award-winning Hopetown (2004), Whiteley returns with a dozen tracks that offer more of the same strong songs. Backed once again by an accomplished cast of characters such as Amy Millan, Dan Whiteley and Chris Whiteley, Dear continues Whiteley’s roots revelations. Produced by Steve Dawson, the disc lulls and leads listeners down that country road where Whiteley’s enchanting voice roams, revealing some soothing songs. Opening with the lovely "Indoor Lighting,” Jenny’s journey only gets better from here. "Banjo Girl” is a back-porch hoedown to split the wood if there ever was one, and the lovely lullaby "Let it Die” is delivered in a voice that feels like a whisper that beckons you to absorb every word. "The Other Side of Life” features the baritone of Jim Byrnes and is a delightful duet. With exquisite harmony throughout, Dear is like a letter to a long forgotten friend where all your fears and frustrations, joys and elations are poured out on the page for someone else to read and pine over you. (Black Hen)