​Jennifer Castle The Rocket Room, St. John's NL, May 5

​Jennifer Castle  The Rocket Room, St. John's NL, May 5
Photo: Noah Bender
When Jennifer Castle performs and all is right in space and time, she
enters a trance, hypnotizing everyone who witnesses her.

Castle is very cool and alluring, but also incredibly charming. She seemed to be playing Lou Reed's guitar, fixed and found notes intermingling purposefully but free to change course. She sang "Working for the Man" with uncommon, ethereal grace and poise, full-on conviction driving the resentful song against exploitation. It was all so beguiling.

At Lawnya Vawnya, she barely paused between songs, calling out titles
as her hands formed appropriate shapes to get her to the next number. "Truth is the Freshest Fruit," she sang, half-twirling around, one woman conjuring an enriching folk-rock raga like the world might stop and fix itself. For an hour or so, it seemed like the job got done.