Jenn Grant Orchestra for the Moon

It’s rare that an album is as immediately arresting as Jenn Grant’s Orchestra For The Moon, and even rarer that it remains so right through to the last sweet, quivering note. But the Halifax-based Grant has a voice like raw silk and songwriting skills to back it up. Her poignant folk pop is as unique as it is enthralling, combining vintage music box appeal with modern pop sensibilities. And the long list of Canadian musicians that threw their talent behind Grant’s solo debut clearly agree. Produced by the Heavy Blinkers’ David Christensen and Jason MacIsaac, the record contains contributions from Matt Mays, Jill Barber and Rose Cousins. It even features a duet with the illustrious Ron Sexsmith; "In A Brown House,” is an elegant heartbreaker of a tune that would stand out for its melancholy beauty if the album wasn’t already jam-packed with loveliness. It’s not all delicious despair though — the poppy "Don’t Worry Baby” balances things out — but when Grant’s voice catches in her throat, it’s enough to make you vow to be sweeter to your lover. (Paris 1919, (Paris 1919)