Jakob Dylan Recruits Neko Case, T-Bone Burnett for New Solo Album

Jakob Dylan Recruits Neko Case, T-Bone Burnett for New Solo Album
It's been a while since Jakob Dylan was famous for much other than being Bob Dylan's son. In the '90s, however, his band, the Wallflowers, hit it big with the album Bringing Down the Horse, which produced ubiquitous singles "One Headlight" and "6th Avenue Heartache."

Now, Billboard reports that Jakob has reunited with Bringing Down the Horse producer T-Bone Burnett for his second solo album, Women and Country, due out April 6 via Columbia. Perhaps even more excitingly, also on board is alt-folk songstress Neko Case, whose vocals are featured "prominently" throughout the album.

Like his 2007 solo debut, Seeing Things, Women and Country finds Dylan abandoning the Wallflowers' trademark alt-rock in favour of a rootsy, acoustic sound - doubtless a natural fit, given his father's folk singer legacy. The songs were fleshed out by Burnett's group of session musicians, whose fiddle- and mandolin-laced arrangements apparently complement the album's Americana flavour.

This summer, Case will join Dylan on the road, where they will be playing songs from throughout his career. If you've ever wanted to hear Neko sing the chorus harmony on "One Headlight," this could be your chance.

No word on how this will affect her touring plans with the New Pornographers, who are scheduled to release a new album in May, though Case has a way of avoiding the band's live dates anyway.

Women and Country:

1. "Nothing but the Whole Wide World"

2. "Down on Our Shield"

3. "Lend a Hand"

4. "We Don't Live Here Anymore"

5. "Everybody's Hurting"

6. "Yonder Come the Blues"

7. "Holy Rollers for Love"

8. "Truth for a Truth"

9. "They've Trapped US Boys"

10. "Smile When You Call Me That"

11. "Standing Eight Count"