Jaga Jazzist A Livingroom Hush

This ensemble consists of multi-instrumentalists that no doubt have an influential presence in Norway's music scene. With almost every member balancing numerous wind and brass instruments, backed by a broad ranging rhythm section that includes both programming as well as live percussion instrumentation, the end effect is near flawless, sophisticated and simply exciting. Produced by Jorgen Troeen, A Livingroom Hush never sounds self-indulgent or superfluous. The recently released single "Midget" is a two-and-a-half-minute hedonistic whirl of unpredictable beats and organ drone that goes bouncing off the walls on a mad caper. The presence of flute, alto flute, bass-clarinet and tuba play off the rhythm section with deft ease, which is most evident in the brilliant track "Airborne." The ensemble shows us a thing or two about skilful layering also, utilising a moody bass riff or keyboards upon which they place their smooth jazz melodies. Though the track begins with a decidedly chill-out vibe, it quickly picks up speed and a cascade of urgent, blaring horns hits hard when it is least expected. This track perhaps epitomises Jaga Jazzist's potential to be a groundbreaking presence and most definitely a phenomenal live experience. (Smalltown Supersound)