Jack White Takes Third Man on the Road with Rolling Record Store

Jack White Takes Third Man on the Road with Rolling Record Store
Over the last couple of years, Jack White has turned his Third Man Records facility in Nashville, TN into a mini-music empire. He's recorded albums, hosted live shows and unveiled countless crazy releases through the in-house record store. Now, the rest of America will be able to get in on the fun, as Jack will taking his store on the road.

Watch the video embedded below to see the Third Man Rolling Record Store. Don't be fooled by its appearance -- this isn't just a yellow van with some records in the back. It also has two turntables and a microphone so DJs can perform, plus a P.A. and eight-channel mixer so bands can set up outside and perform live.

And, of course, there will be plenty of swag available only from the Rolling Record Store. An announcement on the label's website promises "a full menu of Third Man merchandise," along with exclusive "collectables and souvenirs, including T-shirts, tote bags, [and] drinking accessories."

Just as you would expect from a Jack White vehicle, it's a flashy-looking van. It boasts a "fully-customized styling designed by Jack White, in conjunction with an auto custom shop to reflect the look, feel and panache of Third Man Records' Nashville location and our famous pop up stores."

Hoping to see this in person? The Rolling Record Store will make its debut next week at SXSW in Austin, TX. There's no word on where future appearances will take place, but Jack and co. "intend to keep it out on the road regularly, hitting shows and festivals and any other strange location in this great nation we can think of." Hey, don't forget Canada, you guys.