Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Writing Memoir

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Writing Memoir
As a pilot, a golden-piped vocalist, a competitive fencer and a recent cancer survivor, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson continues to be one of the most fascinating people in metal. He's got plenty of stories to tell, and he'll do just that when he releases a memoir in 2017.

The book doesn't have a title just yet, but it'll arrive in 2017 via HarperNonFiction and Dey Street as a hardcover memoir, as well as an ebook and audiobook. It'll later be issued as a paperback in 2018.

In a press release, Dickinson explained that he plans to write the book while piloting Iron Maiden's world tour next year. "It was flattering to be approached to write a book about my experiences and it seems an appropriate time to do this as I will have plenty of time on tour next year to work on a book," he said. "I am sure flying the 747 out round the world on tour will add to the tale with some unusual scenarios!" Doesn't that count as distracted driving?

Publishing director Jack Fogg, who secured the rights for the book, added, "There's no one like Bruce. Which other rock musician can fly a 747, or fence at an international level? He's a total one-off; engaging, funny, warm, self-deprecating — a British eccentric in its very best form. His book will be outstanding and I am so delighted we get to publish it and work with him."

Stay tuned for more information on Bruce Dickinson's forthcoming book as it becomes available. Until then, watch Iron Maiden's "Speed of Light" video below.