Incite Built to Destroy

Incite Built to Destroy
It'd be easy to write off Incite as nothing more than a thrash project hyped up on having Max Cavalera's son on vocals, but Built to Destroy have more to offer than a famous connection. The fifth full-length release from the Arizona groove metal outfit has some obvious influence from thrash bands you would expect a member of the Cavalera clan to bring in, while still offering some solid tracks.
If you were one of the many people let down by Machine Head's latest nu metal-worshipping record, maybe Incite can provide the sound you actually wanted. Songs like "Built to Destroy" and "Backbone" could easily be mistaken for leftover Machine Head tracks, with their mix of groove-laden thrash, speedy breakdowns and melodic soloing. Vocalist Richie Cavalera even has a similar tone as Robb Flynn, almost as if they were aiming to take the place of that band, given their future is up in the air.
The album doesn't have much in the way of variety when it comes to moods, but it makes up for this with solid riffs that stay with you. Most songs follow the path of chugging thrash followed by drop-tuned grooves, but their dedication to the craft results in some fun moments. The album is also helped a ton by including Crowbar mastermind Kirk Windstein ("Human Cancer") and current Six Feet Under and former Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes ("Poisoned by Power") who both provide a break from the relatively single-faceted vocals.
Although Built to Destroy isn't a particularly groundbreaking metal album, it's still a fun thrash record with some cool riffs and songs that are worth checking out if you're itching for something new in that department. (Minus Head)