In Flames Lunar Strain/Subterranean

Arguably the hallmark of the Gothenburg sound and definitely one of the most prolific and important metal bands to come out of Sweden, the reissues of In Flames’ first two records marks their 15th anniversary as a functioning unit. While their style has changed dramatically since, these records offer insight for the newer listener into where it all began. Originally released in ’94 and ’95, respectively, and only available separately as imports in North America until now, these albums also offer a look into where all your favourite metalcore bands started ripping off their harmonised Euro licks. What was once the traditional raw and muffled ’80s thrash sound has been remastered to appease modern expectations. Hearing some of the hits such as "Stand Ablaze,” "Upon an Oaken Throne” and "Ever Dying” slightly clearer is sure to please any avid listener. For the fans who caught on to In Flames after Colony, the frequent acoustic pagan rock breaks may come as somewhat of a surprise but just serves as a reminder that the Scandinavians aren’t amateurs when it comes to instrumentation. Though things have taken a turn for the worst since Clayman, In Flames shouldn’t be written off as your average sell-outs as their legacy has yet to be fully realised. (Candlelight)