Imagine Dragons Make Unscripted Appearance at Writers' Strike Picket Line

Whatever it takes?

Photo: Eric Ray Davidson

BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 10, 2023

Although the expanses of their boundless creativity are typically used for conjuring up the nuances of your favourite TV series or a world wherein they're fairly compensated for their work, striking Writers Guild of America (WGA) members were forced to use ye ol' imagination for something else yesterday (May 9).

Imagine Dragons joined the gang-vocal chorus of support for the writers' strike with an impromptu performance at the picket line of the Los Angeles Netflix headquarters.

Adorned in white socks and black Vans, infamously jacked frontman Dan Reynolds and guitarist Daniel Wayne Sermon played acoustic renditions of "Whatever It Takes" and "Radioactive" for the crowd from atop a park bench. Reportedly, Reynolds even managed to coax something of a singalong from picketers at one point during the latter, so (whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh) it might be a protest song now.

TV writer and WGA member Gennefer Gross declared on Twitter that the band were "totally crushing it" (into ash and dust?).

This whole thing is about budgetary concerns, so it's not surprising that Imagine Dragons performing for the low price of free received at least a lukewarm welcome from a bunch of exhausted writers. (Protest and a show!) If anything, this demonstrates just how dire the situation at hand is: pay these goddamn writers and free them from "Demons."

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