Iglooghost Clear Tamei / Steel Mogu

Iglooghost Clear Tamei / Steel Mogu
Iglooghost (aka Seamus Malliagh) has been turning heads and confusing earbuds for the past four years with his mutant brand of hip-hop beats, pop-laced IDM and high-pitched vocals, all violently skewed through a kaleidoscopic lens.
In 2015, Chinese Nü Yr EP marked a turning point in the young British producer's career (he was only 18 at the time), as his first release on Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label. He followed that up last year with the delightfully busy, Technicolor antics of Neō Wax Bloom, named one of the ten best of the year by Exclaim!
So, here we are on the cusp of another Iglooghost release, but instead of a FlyLo-backed album, Malliagh has jettisoned the Brainfeeder family entirely, and decided to give us a double EP in lieu of a full record. The logic behind this seems to be using these latest releases as a buffer between Neō Wax Bloom and his next full-length (which doesn't have a release date yet).
Every Iglooghost release has its own narrative, which we're not going to get into here, but suffice to say they're all centred around gelatinous worm-shaped creatures, a misty planet called Mamu, melon-coloured babies, laser battles... you get the idea. Whether or not these stories actually relate to the music in any real way is yet to be determined, but what we do know is that the offerings on this most recent celestial altar are superb from start to finish.
Clear Tamei (pictured) is plugged as the more melancholic of the two EPs, but don't let that fool you: it's still a hailstorm of sonic crayons, albeit with some orchestral swaths thrown in to set the mood. "Namā" shines through as Clear Tamei's highlight, with soft xylophonic noises, quick guitar-sounding solos, and a firm dose of subsonic pummelling.
As you move on to Steel Mogu, the proceedings only get more bombastic. "Black Light Ultra" sounds like a rogue choir feverishly hammering a sampler, while "Mei Mode" and "Niteracer" come off like songs from the soundtrack of a seizure-inducing anime.
We're under no illusions here — this music is ridiculous — but we'll be damned if it isn't the most interesting thing out there at the moment. (Independent)