Ian Curtis's Kitchen Table up for Auction

Ian Curtis's Kitchen Table up for Auction
If you missed out on your chance to own John Lennon's toilet, you've now got another chance to purchase a weird/morbid piece of music history, as a kitchen table that apparently once belonged to Joy Division's Ian Curtis is up for sale.

NME points out that the table is up for auction on eBay. As of press time, it's going for £132.00 ($221 Canadian), though the reserve has not yet been met.

According to the seller, the table comes with confirmations of authenticity from Ian's wife Debbie, his daughter Natalie, Joy Division expert Marco Broll, and prior table own Vicky Morgan.

So how did the table end up in this eBay auction? Well, Debbie apparently sold the house and many of its contents to neighbour Dorothy Smith following Ian's death in 1980. It was then passed to Smith's daughter Morgan, who later offered it back to the Curtis family. It was eventually auctioned off to the current seller.

Here's the part when the auction gets creepy: Curtis committed suicide in the kitchen of his home, so there's a grim significance to this piece of furniture.

Read more about the auction here. It's being sold in the UK but it's available to ship overseas.