Hurt Protector Main Stage, Field ON, July 16

Hurt Protector Main Stage, Field ON, July 16
Photo: Sarah Greene
Saturday dinner saw the debut of Hurt Protector, Kate Maki and Frederick Squire's new two-person project, which mostly (so far) is an expansion and re-imagination of Squire's solo material into duo format, with Maki on drums and lots of loose, comfortable, unconventional harmonizing.
Squire's songs, like "Book Of Love" off his recent Spooky Action At A Distance LP came off more rock'n'roll this way; the couple did a great, folky cover of the Velvet Underground's "Pale Blue Eyes" (Squire brushing away a mosquito from his face during a guitar solo) and played some of his older, folkier songs, which often sound like they could trick you into thinking they must be standards, especially with the sweet harmonizing.
The subtext for the set was a balance between Squire's old story songs from different times and far-flung geographies (like "Bike Thief") and the idea that it's okay getting older (Maki was celebrating her 39th birthday at the fest).
"Somebody's watching over you," sang Squire gently over a warm bath of guitars and light drumming, "It might be a lover or might be a stranger, but somebody's waiting for you." A hopeful message.