How to Dress Well "Pour Cyril" (live with Magik*Magik Orchestra)

How to Dress Well 'Pour Cyril' (live with Magik*Magik Orchestra)
How to Dress Well's track "Pour Cyril" appeared on his 2014 album "What Is This Heart?" as an orchestrally inclined version, and he recreated some of this lush grandeur during a live version of the song with the Magik*Magik Orchestra.

This track differs quite significantly from the original, as it begins with sustained piano chords. Songwriter Tom Krell begins crooning intimately a minute in, and the strings swell up soon after that. It grows increasingly grand in the final passage, although it remains a little more restrained that the towering studio cut.

It was first performed as part of a 60-minute live score to celebrate the release of "What Is This Heart?" last June in Berlin. Hear it below.