Hospitality "Going Out" (video)

Hospitality 'Going Out' (video)
Whether yesterday's (January 28) release of Hospitality's sophomore set Trouble had the band hitting the town in celebration is unclear, but the new video for "Going Out" presents at least one person's album-scored nocturnal adventure.

The video, directed Scott Jacobson, pairs the subtle indie pop tune with footage of Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips (a.k.a. Dean and Britta) as a married couple getting ready for bed. The dosage of Wareham's before-bed pill-popping routine appears to be off, though, leaving him to stumble out of sleep and into some glammy clothes, and taking his favourite vase for a walk to the neighbourhood bar. Everyone seems to be cool with the outburst, though, even when Wareham tanks a tough guy's pool game.

You'll see what we mean when you give the video a look via the player down below.