Hopesfall Magnetic North

The Earth has two magnetic poles — north and south — each one opposing the other. Hopesfall have defined their sound just by the name of their newest album, Magnetic North. Their previous record, Satellite Years, would be entirely southern, which should indicate that Magnetic North is very close to A-Types, their first record. The past five years have changed and redefined Hopesfall’s sound, from an all out assault in 2002 to a newfound equilibrium with their latest that sits between conventional and underground. "Swamp Kittens” has spacious tones coupled with cosmic guitar sounds and they still keep melodic guitars right next to the heavy spots to create a familiar sound on "Rx Contender the Pretender.” Producer Mike Watts worked with the North Carolina five-piece, revisiting familiar qualities for this album. The general feel of A-Types still remains throughout the CD but this time there’s more energy. For a third CD, Magnetic North is properly aligned, still featuring atmospheric sounds with overdriven post-hardcore bouts. Hopesfall continue to differentiate themselves from other bands while staying true to their sound. (Trustkill)