No More Hopesfall

No More Hopesfall
After ten years together, Charlotte, NC post-hardcore band Hopesfall have parted ways. This news came via their MySpace page.

"Anyway HF has broken up and we have all moved on to other things in our lives. Why break up? Well it’s a long story. To long for myspace but I will say this. I hate Trustkill and it’s owner. Hahahaha. He’s not the reason we broke up but I (we) do hate him.”

This news comes as no surprise considering only one original member remains, Jay Forrest (vocals) and there was word of renaming the band, which would officially end the Hopesfall era.

On the bright side of things, a new band is to be compiled from the ashes and are hoping to release new music for spring of this year. Lastly, Hopesfall are posting tracks cut from the 2007 album Magnetic North onto their MySpace page. Trustkill, the band’s label since 2001, apparently cut the tracks without notifying the band and could be one reason for the band’s hostility towards them.

"Icarus" Hopesfall