Hercules and Love Affair Finish New Album

Hercules and Love Affair Finish New Album
New York-based disco collective Hercules and Love Affair dropped their incredible self-titled debut two years ago this month. Ever since then, we've been furiously anticipating their follow-up. Way back in 2008, we were already reporting that another album was in its early writing process. And now, according to a recent blog post from front-man Andy Butler, the album is done.

The post, tellingly titled "HERE IS THE SCOOP - RECORD FINISHED," reads as follows:

last day in vienna. it has been a very colorful and interesting ride finishing this record. late nights and lots and lots and lots of work. big ups to patrick pulsinger for the hard work. and big ups to wolfram for the hospitality and laughter. i will give one word to sum up the record: emotional.

kim ann, shaun j wright, aerea negrot, mark pistel and moi, andy butler, will see you on the road soon.

These are all the details available as of now, but from the looks of things, we can start expecting a new Hercules and Love Affair album sometime the near future.