Heaven Shall Burn Of Truth and Sacrifice

Heaven Shall Burn Of Truth and Sacrifice
Heaven Shall Burn rise above the rest as one of the most legit metalcore bands. Despite the fact that their sound comes from that camp, which often has a negative connotation, they've always stood out due to their signature sound and focus on melody and structure, rather than breakdowns or scene tropes.
Their latest, double album Of Truth and Sacrifice, proves they still have what it takes. The first half, Of Truth, sounds a lot like the classic fare the band are known for. It doesn't really break any new ground, but it is heavy, catchy and what people have come to expect from the band.
One of the standout tracks of this half is "Eradicate," a thrashy anthem reminiscent of the classic days of melo-death. Pretty much every song on this side manages to tap into that solid-gold sound.
The second side, Of Sacrifice, gets a little more experimental, indulging in electronic elements, slower, sadder songs, and playing with styles across the board. While a bit of experimentation is usually a great thing for a metal band, especially one that has been around for a while, some of the songs on this half are a little reminiscent of some of the more unpleasant side of melodic death metal and metal core, especially the overproduced, electronic sound of bands like Trivium or later In Flames.
Overall, though, this record shows that the band can definitely still make a relevant album and haven't lost any of what makes them great. I'd just like to see a little more modern, inspired experimentation and less over-polished, electronic influence. (Century Media)