Heaven Shall Burn Deaf to Our Prayers

If one thing has been made clear as a direct result of recent releases from Destiny, Fear My Thoughts, Misery Speaks and Heaven Shall Burn (for the umpteenth time), the Europeans can really hold it down when it comes to the metalcore. Forsaking the slightly more commercial leanings of Antigone, Heaven Shall Burn’s latest effort is a relentless, impeccably produced battering ram of harmonised leads and chest-thumping groove, which suffers only from the downright comical over saturation of the style and a slightly more one-dimensional feel than prior releases. Certainly their heaviest effort yet, the group have produced Deaf to Our Prayers wisely, with Jacob Hansen’s mix obliterating even the most seasoned eardrums with one of the most punishing bass drum clicks ever fed through Pro Tools. The group’s knack for composing melodies that retain a strong emotional foundation while sounding convincingly "metal” is at full force here, as are Marcus Bischoff’s throat-searing pipes — his delivery is doubtlessly one of the most solid in the genre, not to mention his endearing, strangely audible German accent. Those disappointed by recent genre efforts stateside should immerse themselves in this release, only one of the many excellent offerings available in the European market. (Century Media)