HEALTH Dickens Pub, Calgary AB, June 23

HEALTH Dickens Pub, Calgary AB, June 23
Photo: Steve Louie
Industrial experimenters HEALTH brought a heavy show with pop elements to Dickens Pub last night (June 23). Propulsive drums and epic bass lines rubbed up against vocalist Jacob Duzsik's softer vocals, as the overwhelming production brought the crowd at the front of the room to a fever pitch.
It took stepping out of the throng to appreciate HEALTH's mash of genres, best observed from afar if one wanted to discern the different sounds. Punishing guitar, relentless drums and a mass of production drove the band through a high-intensity set. From a distance, though, it was apparent that much of the room wasn't connecting with the music to the level of those at the front, which created a strange disconnect in the small space. HEALTH performed from 2015's Death Magic, the tracks blending together for the most part as they kept going — and going.
As committed as HEALTH are to their music, they didn't reach past their core audience at Dickens.