Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal QC, August 7

Photo: Chris Bubinas

BY Chris BubinasPublished Aug 8, 2016

American hardcore juggernauts Hatebreed bombarded a voracious crowd at Heavy Montreal on Sunday afternoon (August 7) with a nonstop barrage of their signature breakdowns. The band erupted onto the stage and got straight to business with pounding renditions of tracks including "To the Threshold" and their mosh-inciting "Destroy Everything" from 2006 metalcore masterpiece Supremacy. Racing around the stage, frontman Jamey Jasta barely stood still, and the crowd — easily the wildest, most thrashing bunch at the festival's main stage — reciprocated the energy.
Touring worldwide in support of their 2016 release The Concrete Confessional, the band unleashed a healthy dose of new material. For those that love their hardcore, the album was one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and the crowd banged hard, evidently familiar with tracks like "Honor Never Dies," "A.D." and "Looking Down the Barrel of Today."

Across the back half of the set, they nodded more to their deeper discography; of note were the sludge-fest that is "Live for This" and the brutal "I Will be Heard" from 2002's Perseverance, both of which saw the five band members each peeking up occasionally from their instruments to admire the flailing crowd beneath them.

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