Hans Zimmer's 'Batman Begins' Score Gets Limited Vinyl Reissue

Hans Zimmer's 'Batman Begins' Score Gets Limited Vinyl Reissue
While many superhero fans have been weighing in on that recently leaked film still of Ben Affleck posed as Batman, soundtrack lovers have been more focused on nabbing a recently announced vinyl repress of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard's score to 2005 Caped Crusader flick Batman Begins. According to various online retailers, it will arrive on June 30 via Silva Screen.

News of the double-LP pressing comes two years after Silva Screen had first brought out the soundtrack onto vinyl in a limited run of 500 copies; CD releases had arrived when the film was first put into theatres.

A picture delivered by the label via Twitter shows that this time, they've upgraded from black vinyl to orange wax. Once again, the release is limited to 500 copies, and comes housed in a gatefold sleeve. You can see the package up above.

After delivering the score to Batman Begins, Zimmer and Newton Howard would return with work for 2008's The Dark Knight, and Zimmer closed out the Christopher Nolan-directed trilogy with a score to 2012's Dark Knight Rises.

Batman Begins:

Side 1:

1. Vespertilio

2. Eptesicus

3. Myotis

4. Barbastella

Side 2:

1. Artibeus

2. Tadarida

3. Macrotus

Side 3:

1. Antrozous

2. Nycteris

3. Molossus

Side 4:

1. Corynorhinus

2. Lasiurus