GWAR Unveil "Cuttlefish of Cthulu" Dildo

The sex toy is modelled after Oderus Urungus's penis

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 11, 2022

So you've made it through the Rammstein dildo box, and your Motörhead vibrators have run out of juice — where is a metal fan supposed to turn for pleasure? The answer is simple: GWAR's new Cuttlefish of Cthulu sex toy, which is available just in time for the holidays.

GWAR fans may already be familiar with the lore that the Cuttlefish of Cthulu is the name of the creature that lived on the crotch of late vocalist Oderus Urungus and served as his penis. This on-stage prosthetic has now been turned into a glow-in-the-dark dildo, available in sizes small (with a 6.25-inch shaft) through extra large (with a 12-inch shaft). It was made by Bad Dragon, an adult company that specializes in fantasy-themed sex toys.

A product description reads, "GWAR recently seized control of the red-hot phallic forges deep in the Bad Dragon lair, where legendary sex-smiths work day and night to create the highest-quality fantasy-themed adult toys in the business. The result is a new monster dong for the denizens of planet Earth. Now, you too can wield the awesome power of the winged wiener of Oderus Urungus, the Cuttlefish of Cthulu!" 

The gory phallus is available in various sizes (and two different colours) from GWAR's official store. It costs $84.99 USD ($112.72 CAD). Brace yourself, because a photo of the XL is below.

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