​GWAR Guitarist Pustulus Maximus Gives Update on Self-Isolation on CNN

The whole band is in Gwarantine

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Apr 7, 2020

GWAR guitarist Pustulus Maximus was the unlikely subject of a recent CNN video piece about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Journalist Rick Damigella checked in with the shock rock musician, who is taking self-isolation measures seriously.
"As you can see, I'm just kind of sitting here in my Antarctican fortress," Maximus tells the camera, as he gestures to the sunshine and greenery around him. "It may not look like Antarctica, but I swear to you, like, six months ago this was all frozen tundra."
He also confirmed that his other bandmates were also self-isolating throughout the pandemic.
"They're doing stuff, I guess," he said. "Working on music… I'm not going to learn any of it."
The band have been advocating on social media for their fans to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic — so that they can kill you themselves when they can get back out on tour.
Watch the bizarre CNN interview with Maximus below.

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