Grupo Fantasma El Existential

It's been ten years of Latin funk and Cumbia rock for Grupo Fantasma, and somewhere in between their Grammy nomination for 2008's Sonidos Gold and backing Prince on tour, they found time to record their fifth and most impressive album. El Existential showcases a very confident Grupo Fantasma with a more refined sound. The record grooves from the funky Cumbia of " La Conozco" to gentle bolero "Juan Tenorio" (featuring Fania All-Star Larry Harlow) and the deep, dirty funk of "Telarañia" (featuring Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets). Recorded in a three-bedroom house in North Austin, TX, Grupo Fantasma created a clubhouse for their big band, a place to experiment with their sound without the limitations of a studio schedule. Refined and mature, El Existential is Grupo Fantasma's finest work to date, showing that this big band can only get better over the years. (Nat Geo)