Gruesome "Hideous"

Gruesome 'Hideous'
Gruesome have unveiled "Hideous," the first single from their upcoming, Death-obsessed debut LP, Savage Land. With the assistance of the Exclaim! thesaurus, we'll also describe the band's heavy new tune as revolting, repugnant and ghastly. Just the way we like it.

As previously reported, the band's sonic M.O. is to ape the style of classic Floridian metal trailblazers Death. That they do, showcasing a series of wretched cries, berserker thrash beats and an arsenal of doomy, deranged licks that will have you screaming for more, bloody more.

Drummer Gus Rios explained in a statement: "It seamlessly blends influences from the first three Death albums with even a tiny tip of the hat to Human. Listen closely after the solo'll swear it's 1988 for real! We sincerely hope that everyone enjoys this as much as we did creating it!"

Lyrically, the track was inspired by cult 1932 flick Freaks.

Death fans curious about Gruesome can explore Savage Land when it lands April 21 via Relapse.