Growing Pumps!

Upon listening to Pumps!, the umpteenth release from the dance/noise/punk trio Growing, it's safe to assume that they live in the New York borough of Brooklyn. In 40 pulsating minutes, Growing deliver the same brand of bubbling, primal bash and pop that allow fellow Brooklynites like Black Dice and Animal Collective to sound so forward thinking. Although it took the band an astonishing nine months for the album to gestate in the studio, Pumps! is an immaculate collection of urgent, impulsive beats. Songs like "Short Circuit" and "Mind Eraser" spread greasy rhythms across Ginsued drumming. But it's songs like "Highlight," which deftly works off of variations of a lone sample, and "Drone Burger," with its one-step-behind the beat vibe, that help define the album as a multi-dimensional piece of work. Pumps! is an ideal example of dance intelligence, giving those young experimentalists with guitars just one more reason to purchase a Mac. (Vice)