Beefs 2013: Mindless Self Indulgence Claim Jack White Ripped Them Off, Call Him "Bitch"

Beefs 2013: Mindless Self Indulgence Claim Jack White Ripped Them Off, Call Him 'Bitch'
Here's a beef that we definitely didn't see coming: genre-fusing New York synth-punk band Mindless Self Indulgence have accused garage rock hero Jack White of ripping them off.

During a concert on Friday night (March 29) in Phoenix, AZ, lead singer Jimmy Urine stopped the concert to go on the following shrill rant [via Consequence of Sound]:

Hey Jack, how's the new record that sounds just like me? Hope you're enjoying that Grammy you didn't win. You ripped off the wrong motherfucker if you want to win a Grammy. Hey Jack, we don't mind that you ripped us off — just say that you ripped us off. Listen to me, Jack: number one, you need to get back together with Meg and start the White Stripes again; number two, you need to learn to stop giving a shit and love Mindless Self Indulgence, bitch. I don't care if you ripped us off — just admit it.

Exclaim! has reviewed Mindless Self Indulgence a few times in the past and we've never made a comparison to Jack White. Making Urine's claims all the more dubious is the fact that Mindless Self Indulgence formed in 1997 (the same year as the White Stripes) and released their first album in 1999 (less than two months before the White Stripes' debut LP), meaning that White's sonic blueprint was already laid out before he could have ever heard Mindless Self Indulgence.

On the other hand, a Google search reveals that a few people have compared White's solo tune "Freedom at 21" to Mindless Self Indulgence. Listen to that song along with a song by MSI below and decide for yourself.