Mindless Self Indulgence Singer Jimmy Urine Accused of Sexual Battery of a Minor

Mindless Self Indulgence Singer Jimmy Urine Accused of Sexual Battery of a Minor
Photo: Breanna Nawrocki
Jimmy Euringer — who performs under the name Jimmy Urine as frontperson of NYC electropunk band Mindless Self Indulgence — has been sued for sexual battery of a minor.

Rolling Stone reports that in a lawsuit filed yesterday (August 9) in New York City Supreme Court, the accuser, identified as Jane Doe, claims in the lawsuit that she and Euringer had a sexual relationship between 1997 and 1999 that began when she was 15 and Euringer was 27.

The complaint states that Euringer began to "groom and manipulate Plaintiff into thinking that his sexually assaultive behaviour was not criminal and that he and Plaintiff were in fact in a relationship."

Among more upsetting details, the suit alleges that Euringer provided Jane Doe with a fake ID to attend concerts and drink alcohol with him, though he "tried to hide their relationship by telling her not to act affectionately with him while in public," Rolling Stone reported. The suit also claims that Euringer knew the accuser's age, as he allegedly sent a birthday greeting for her 15th birthday.

Warner Music Group Corp, its former parent company Warner Communications, and Elektra Entertainment Group (Mindless Self Indulgence's label until 2002) are all listed as co-defendants in the lawsuit, along with Joseph Galus, the band's former producer and manager.

Elektra and Galus are accused of aiding and abetting sexual battery, with the suit claiming that they were aware of Euringer's behaviour and actively enabled his abuse. Additionally, Elektra Entertainment Group is charged with green-lighting a Mindless Self Indulgence T-shirt that featured a photo of the woman while she was underage.