Green Day's 'American Idiot' Movie Coming to HBO

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 6, 2016

After coursing through stereos and hitting Broadway as a musical, Green Day's American Idiot is apparently now coming to HBO. An interview with vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong has him saying that the long-planned movie adaptation is "all systems go."

Plans for a film have been in the works for some time now, with Tom Hanks and Gary Goetsman's Playtone Productions having optioned the rights to the punk rock opera back in 2011. At the time, Armstrong was tapped to play lead role St. Jimmy, as he had on the 2004 record and later onstage for the musical runs. A script has been in the works by Rolin Jones, and it's in the rewrite phase.

Speaking with NME, Armstrong didn't give a solid release date, since it hasn't even started shooting, but fans can expect it to appear sometime in the future on HBO.

"That's the plan right now, yeah," said Armstrong. "We've got a green light from HBO, and the script is currently going through a couple of rewrites here and there, so I'm not sure when exactly we're going to start shooting, but it's definitely all systems go at the moment."

While fans looking to learn more about "Jesus of Suburbia" may have to wait for a bit before the movie arrives, Green Day's new Revolution Radio album is out tomorrow (October 7) through Reprise.

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