Great Lake Swimmers Reveal Acoustic Version of 'The Waves, the Wake' LP

Hear the new version of "In a Certain Light"
Great Lake Swimmers Reveal Acoustic Version of 'The Waves, the Wake' LP
Great Lake Swimmers have announced an acoustic interpretation of their 2018 album The Waves, The Wake. It's out November 8.
"There were a handful of demos from the album recording that were very scaled back and stark," singer-songwriter Tony Dekker said in a statement. "I recorded a few more with producer Joe Lapinski — those turned out so well that we decided to do a full album of acoustic versions from The Waves, The Wake. No frills, no weighty production, just voice and guitar. It's meant to be a companion piece to our latest release."
The band have teased the upcoming acoustic album with a video for the new version of "In a Certain Light," which was recorded in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.
See that, as well as the full tracklisting for The Waves, the Wake, below.

A limited-edition vinyl version of the album is available for pre-order. It features original artwork by Geoff Farnsworth.
Great Lake Swimmers' upcoming tour dates can be found here.
The Waves, The Wake (Acoustic):
1. The Talking Wind (Acoustic)
2. In A Certain Light (Acoustic)
3. Alone But Not Alone (Acoustic)
4. Falling Apart (Acoustic)
5. Side Effects (Acoustic)
6. The Real Work (Acoustic)
7. Root Systems (Acoustic)
8. Unmaking The Bed (Acoustic)
9. Visions Of A Different World (Acoustic)
10. Holding Nothing Back (Acoustic)
11. Mouth Of Flames (Acoustic)
12. The Open Sea (Acoustic)