Black Mass Krakow

BY Elliott MinaradiPublished Aug 21, 2008

Before the hate in their hearts became a divisive legal issue, Gorgoroth went to Poland to shoot a live DVD featuring dead sheep, fire and bare penises. They named it Black Mass Krakow, after the town they molested, and played songs from throughout their catalogue. The band themselves weren't that memorable, so it took some blunt metaphors to make the night notorious. The sheep heads represent victims of satanic sacrifice, although truthfully, the Catholic meat lovers of Poland are the most responsible. Even more symbolic are the four wooden crucifixes, half staffed by girlfriends, the other by what might be contest-winning fans. Their job is to pose for 50 minutes, mocking the plight of Christ – a dangerous tactic considering the compassion it could provoke. By the halfway point, both girls get down, perhaps uncomfortable, perhaps feeling too many eyes on them. The men simply lean. Such submission could be excused if the sound wasn't so thin and choppy, with volume levels contorting like a stubborn exorcism. Divine sabotage? Hard to say. In the meantime, this is the best Gorgoroth footage our thankless world can enjoy, with future reunions taking place only in court. If you're depraved, bisexual and hard of hearing, it might make you happy too.
(Metal Mind)

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