"Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 1, 2015

A six-year drought in new Gorgoroth material is about to end, with the Norwegian black metal vets ready to release their long-awaited 10th full-length, Instinctus Bestialis, later in the month. Though we're not exactly scholars in dead tongues, we've deduced that newly premiered album track "Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus" is Latin for "devilishly raging new tune" (more precisely, it translates into English as "the almighty eternal devil").

Despite the blistering layers of amp distortion and temple-pounding double-kick rhythm, the song plays it fairly melodic and melancholic in its opening moments. This relative pleasantness is soon upended, though, with a land-cracking blast beat and demon-seed howling. The pace goes up and down from there, but ultimately caps with ghoulish growls and a seizure-inducing snare assault.

You'll find the single down below, via Terrorizer, while Instinctus Bestialis arrives June 8 through Soulseller Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Gorgoroth drummer Tomas Asklund in Monolith Studio, with him and guitarist Infernus serving as producers on the set.

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