The Golden Age of Wrestling Makes a Case for "Glambient" Music on 'Tombstone Piledriver'

BY Francis BaptistePublished May 13, 2020

Time will tell if "glambient" will be the next hot genre to take the music world by storm. While we wait and see, Tombstone Piledriver is a welcome mood supplement for these isolated times. From Jeff Cancade, the creative genius also known as Devours, the Golden Age of Wrestling is the moniker for his new moodier instrumental work.

Last year, Devours made a lot of fans with his best work yet, Iconoclast. For all of those eagerly awaiting the next Devours album, Tombstone Piledriver is the next best thing. Listeners who cherished previous LPs Late Bloomer and Iconoclast will hear a lot of familiar sounds on this album, only with a few obvious differences. Stripped away are the lyricism and the driving beats. What we're left with is a lush, cinematic soundscape.

Without words to guide us, we're forced into the endless imaginings of our own solitary consciousness. The ten tracks on this 34-minute album are the perfect soundtrack to the drawn-out existential introspection a lot of us have been forced into. Cancade proves again that he's a unique and expressive gem of Canada's music scene.

The new moniker affords Cancade the freedom to experiment sonically. While the sound is familiar to his previous work, Tombstone Piledriver is more experimental and daring. Several tracks play like video game soundtracks, with such emphasis on ambiance and texture that it'd be hard for your mind not to be transported to another place.

(Inky Records)

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