Mod Club, Toronto ON September 27

BY Luca MorellatoPublished Sep 28, 2011

It took the charming tunes of San Francisco's Girls to smash the stereotype of Toronto being a cold and foreboding place to play. From the moment the band opened with "Lust for Life," to the soaring extended encore, the crowd forwarded cries of admiration. Girls' own Christopher Owens and Chet "JR" White brought their brand of nostalgic rock to the Mod Club with the help of a newly calibrated band, as the new members helped to fill out the live sound of the AOR-influenced tunes of Girls' latest album Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

As expected, the singles received the greatest warmth, and in a surprisingly magical moment, "Hellhole Ratrace" inspired a morbid sing-along. With the band covering tracks from all three of their releases, fans of any of Girls' many personas were satisfied. The live renditions of "Morning Light" and "Die" served to remind anyone who has forgotten that Girls are very capable of playing heavy music, and the band's ability musically has obviously reached new peaks with the release of their latest full-length.

The performance also featured a new level of confidence, as Girls had no issue finding their way through their many epic slow-burners. This confidence manifested itself into a bold stage presence that took shape as both comparatively lively stage banter and a much-extended encore. Seemingly dumfounded by the extent of the crowd's appreciation, Girls could not stop their encore until they confessed that their newly formed touring band had exhausted their entire repertoire and did not know how to play anymore songs. Regardless, the audience continued to beg for more.

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