Girls Frontman Christopher Owens Quits Group

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jul 2, 2012

Following last year's much-praised sophomore set Father, Son, Holy Ghost, San Francisco indie pop group Girls might be facing a new set of challenges as founder and frontman Christopher Owens has announced his departure from the band.

Taking to his Twitter, Owens dropped the following statement:

Dear all, This may come as a surprise to many & has been an issue of much thought for me. My decision was not easy to make. I am leaving Girls. My reasons at this time are personal. I need to do this in order to progress. I will continue to write & record music. More will be announced soon. I thank you all for everything. Sincerely–Christopher

At this point, it's unclear if producer JR White will continue the project, though it's hard to imagine Girls without Owens.

If they do break up, at least there won't be anymore confusion between the band and the HBO show.

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