Ghoulunatics King of the Undead

If that hilariously great B-grade horror movie cover artwork reeled you in to King of the Undead, you're probably the type of person who will enjoy the sounds within. Not as Mortician-esque or extreme death metal as one would expect, Quebec's Ghoulunatics instead play catchy and slower-paced death metal-light, with a big bottom end and a refreshing emphasis on memorable song structures. The incorporation of stoner rock grooves furthers the unique sound of the Ghoulies. A pleasant surprise is a crystal clear, yet heavy production, courtesy of ex-Obliveon member Pierre Remillard. Song titles such as "Oh God! The Stench," "Red Shovel" and a guest appearance from a member of Dead Horse certainly doesn't hurt, but above all else these guys can write a good metal song. (Independent)