Ghoulunatics The Beast of

Here’s a little something to celebrate the passing of one of Canada’s coolest unsung bands, Quebec’s Ghoulunatics. This disc looks back at their fun death rock career, which began in 1994, when this sound was even more fringe than it is now. And while 20 tunes are a bit much to take in during one sitting, no one’s got a gun to your head — kick back with a few songs at a time and remember just how neat this band were. From the thick grooves of their 2001 King of the Undead release, which could give the Hellacopters a run for their money, to the slightly more primitive but still ultra-memorable cracking grind of highlight track "Nature Morte,” off 1996’s Mystralengine, to the swansong of Cryogenie from two years ago, where the band had fully found, locked and loaded their sound, this is a great overview. Nothing rare or unreleased but bloody great artwork and informative, although slightly scant, liner notes round it out. (Galy)