Ghost House The Good Ghost House EP

The second EP in their promised set of four EPs, The Good Ghost House EP further demonstrates Ghost House’s prowess as one of Canadian indie rock’s brightest hopes. "Good Grief” opens the record with cover boy Steve Matheson’s driving bass before erupting into another complex song that features Katie Lapi’s guitar and Jesse Gander’s twinkling keys atop Al Boyle’s jazz-ready drum work. "Tuesday 2 A.M.” takes the same formula to a more sombre level, as the band echoes the line "The times were hard to find,” but the busyness returns with the crackling electronics and hurried piano of "Motion Sensor,” which leads into the heavy conclusion of "No Enemies.” Marked by their strong work ethic and stronger raw talent, Ghost House deliver yet again on The Good Ghost House EP. More please. (Reluctant)