Get Reviews of 'Django Unchained,' 'Les Misérables,' 'This Is 40' and More in This Week's Film Roundup

Get Reviews of 'Django Unchained,' 'Les Misérables,' 'This Is 40' and More in This Week's Film Roundup
The Mayans may not be able to predict the end of the world but we here at Exclaim! can predict which new films you might love or hate. Make sure you check out the Recently Reviewed section to read loads of reviews of all new films, music, and concerts. Check out this week's highlights below.

Starting things off is the release of Les Misérables , the musical adaptation of the famous Victor Hugo novel. This classic story of turmoil and struggle during the French Revolution stars several A-list hollywood actors and features a show-stopping live performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Anne Hathaway. Also, Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained (pictured) hits theatres this week. The film follows the story of Django, a freed slave played by Jamie Foxx, and his liberator Dr. King Shultz, played by Christoph Waltz, as they track down a trio of wanted criminals and attempt to save Django's wife.

The new comedy from Judd Apatow, This Is 40 is now out, bringing us back to the dysfunctional family life of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) from Apatow's previous comedy Knocked Up. John Cruise is back in an action role with Jack Reacher in which he plays an ex-military police officer who is offered a peculiar case. When an ex-military sniper is held up for the murder of five people, he doesn't confess; he calls for Jack Reacher who reluctantly agrees to investigate the murders.

Earning the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence is Barbara, which follows the story of its titular character after she is transferred to working at a hospital out in the rural country side of Germany. While attempting to move her possessions from East Germany to West in order to effect her escape plan, she meets her fellow co-worker Andre and begins to learn that they have various shared interests.

Lastly, Rust & Bone is now out in theatres. The film features the stories of Stephanie, a whale trainer at Marineland that loses both her legs in a work-related accident shortly after meeting Alain, an unemployed father who is hitchhiking to France with his five-year-old son.

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