Fully Down Don't Get Lost In A Movement

On their last release, the Fully Down gave us a song titled "No Fate but What We Make for Ourselves.” The rest of the record was good, but it couldn’t compare to the brilliant combination of emo, punk and ’80s heavy metal that surpassed any of the garbage Strung Out had been passing off for the last two years, just with that one track. On their first release for major-indie Fearless Records, the band have taken what worked for that one song and spread it over an entire record, strengthening their approach in the process and making some killer tunes that rip without delving too heavily into pure cheese territory. Cribbing notes from Iron Maiden, Helloween and the one metal record Grade put out, the band benefit from their three guitarists, each of whom possess a technical ability over and above a large percentage of their genre peers. It may be true that the guitar wankery hides some fairly typical emo songwriting, but when it sounds this good, who cares? (Fearless)