Full Blown Chaos Within The Grasp of Titans

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the fight pit, out comes another merciless bombardment of metal-infused mosh that easily gives Hatebreed, First Blood, and the like a run for their money. Full Blown Chaos differ slightly from their contemporaries in a few small respects, which add up to the album delivering more substance than one might anticipate. Vocalist possesses an earthshaking roar that is inflected with a noticeably crusty Entombed influence, lending a sort of drunken spontaneity to the group’s tone. Scattered amongst the expected metalcore beatdown cuts are a number of more polished metallic tracks, which rely on hooks, repetition, and a songwriting foundation not often broached within the staunch confines of the style. Elitists need not fear, however. There are no clean vocals, and make no mistake — this record is gut-wrenchingly heavy, reaching a frenzied peak with the calculated crunch of "Chopping Block,” and rarely tapering off afterwards. Granted, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but when it’s all executed this professionally, and wrapped up in arguably Zuess’ most punishing production yet, is innovation really relevant? (Stillborn)