Fucked Up

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BY Sam SutherlandPublished Jun 1, 2004

Composed of songs only previously available on vinyl, this collection from Toronto-based hardcore outfit Fucked Up is an excellent look at the band’s career, from a 2001 radio set at CIUT through to "Dance of Death,” recorded in October of 2003. Playing straight-ahead old school hardcore, the group’s songs possess all the energy one would expect from a band whose liner notes involve such anecdotes as "Damien didn’t know the lyrics for all the songs yet, Josh had just returned from train-hopping and was just learning to play guitar.” Though it is clear that most of these songs were recorded for release in the seven-inch format, and as a result this collection has very little in the way of flow, attempts have been made to pace out the record, as not all songs flow in chronological order. Though varying in quality, most of the songs here offer exactly what you expect from one of Toronto’s leading hardcore acts.

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